The Twittermill insists that Dave Chappelle is doing a free show at midnight tonight at Pioneer Courthouse Square—a rumor started, I think, by Local35, where Chapelle did some shopping earlier. I called the store (OLD MEDIA ALERT), where Justin Machus told me:

He was just in here awhile ago, bought a bunch of stuff and told Sarah here that he was on his way to go buy an amp for a free show at Pioneer Place Square at midnight tonight. I'm watching him right now on the security camera footage, because I was fucking on lunch break when he came in. He was doing the moonwalk in my store.

Pipeline is on it too, here ; they contacted the Square, who has "has no knowledge of such an event occurring at the Square tonight." Ezra's betting he'll be at the Carmelo Anthony party at Saucebox.

So... How much do you trust the internet?