Sonia Sotomayor: Grilled! Congress can't shut up about the new Supreme Court prospect's Puerto Rican ancestry.

Cheney: Slimy Slimeball. The C.I.A. program he hid for years from Congress turns out to be C.I.A. squads training to assassinate al Qaeda leaders. Angry Dems push for a "probe" to figure out what the hell has been going on behind their backs.

Leon Panetta: Principled Church-Goer. For some background on the new CIA director who shut down the assassination program, check out this profile by the fantastic Jane Mayer.

Gays: Also Principled Church-Goers. In a major decision, the Episcopal Church ends its ban on gay bishops!

Sarah Palin: Still Talking. For some reason The Washington Post invited Palin to pen an op-ed piece about cap and trade.

Weekend Drug War: "Mexico's Tet Offensive." Hell broke loose last weekend when Mexican drug cartels shot up police stations across the country.

Obama: College-Loving Intellectual! Obama wants to invest $12 billion in community colleges.

Oregon: Not Hemorrhaging Jobs! Beaver state unemployment levels off at 12.2 percent.

State Fair: Swine Flu Haven. Uh, let's just stay away from the pigs at the Oregon State Fair.

Portland Cops: Failing the LGBT Community? Queer activists say the police did not protect them from homophobic attacks during Pride Week's infamous "Blow Pony Incident."