"Look… guys… c'mon. I'm gonna be fine, okay? This fork in my brain? It's just a minor setback, that's all. They're going to remove it, I'm going to be as good as new, and there's no reason to make this a 'BIG INTERNET DEAL,' you know what I mean? I would much prefer to be remembered as a super cute puppy on one of those super cute animal sites. So if you could just maybe stop staring at the fork in my head, and maybe just forget you even saw this picture that would be great. Seriously, as soon as I pass the neurological exams, and get the stitches out, I'm going to do something that's so awesomely cute, you won't even remember this insignificant fork incident. Maybe I'll cuddle with a baby tiger! Or climb into a basket of kittens! Maybe I could pose with a baby seal, and… and… C'MON GUYS! STOP STARING AT THE FORK!!!"