One of the many perks of this job is that people are constantly sending me music. For free. All the time.

But as the years go by, I've been left with an intimidating mountain of promotional CDs. This frightening pile of music has swallowed many a brave intern whole—you need a Sherpa to even dig through it—so it's about time I do something about the teetering plastic death trap looming in my office. Are there any non-profit organizations in Portland that would like an entire library of local music? Rock and Roll Camp for Girls? Ethos?

Keep in mind that we already have our very own local music collection, this auxiliary pile is mostly compiled of extras CDs—for some reason we have six copies of the Dimes' The Silent Generation—and various other releases that have fallen through the cracks over the years. It's a fantastic selection of Portland music, and it would be great if some kindhearted local organization could take it off our hands. Hell, we'll even deliver.

If you are interested, let me know.

End Hits: We also have a slightly-damaged 1971 GE Washer. No trades. You haul.