Log Roller! Obama administration approves logging in largest US rain forest.

Kenneth Starr's Stamp of Approval: Goes this week to Sonia Sotomayor, despite tough grilling from DC Republicans.

Elder Paulson on Capitol Hill: Multi-millionaire Merritt's father is testifying about his role in persuading Bank of America to acquire Merrill Lynch.

"Fat Acceptance." It's the hot new thing.

"Islam is a Weapon Against the Taliban": An Oklahoma Baptist is making headlines in Afghanistan with his faith-based mission.

Sexual Assault in Oregon Prisons: Five female former inmates file suit in Multnomah County against Coffee Creek prison guards.

The Oregonian's Take on the Death of the Sit-Lie: "A judge's ruling quashing the city's sidewalk obstruction ordinance has thrown Portland's delicate balance of dealing with homeless people on downtown streets into disarray."