One of the juicier stacks in the avalanche of files the Attorney General's office released post-Adams investigation is CDs containing all the internal emails sent between AG staffers during the investigation. There are hundreds and hundreds of these emails, most of them relating to mundane things like meeting times. But all together they show how the staff approached the investigation and how they discussed their work as it unfolded.

On February 6th, just as the investigation was beginning, investigator Ron Nelson was obviously overwhelmed. He emailed out a list of questions to Special Agent Page McBeth, concluding:

Do any of them know who the security guard is that caught Breedlove and Adams in the bathroom.
The dates for our crime are between April of 2005 and June 26, 2005 which is when Breedlove turned 18.
Do any of them know where Adams took Breedlove after they left the First Thursday event?
Did Sam ask any of them to do anything regarding Breedlove?


My head is exploding. Yours will be as well by the end of next week Good luck.

Nearing the end of the investigation, it appears from the emails that AG John Kroger was considering calling Mayor Adams before a grand jury. Some journalists faulted Kroger for not placing Adams under oath—it is not illegal in Oregon to lie to an investigator, so Adams and others would not have faced any legal penalty for not telling the truth during the investigation. So check out this email from Erik Wasmann, Criminal Justice Division Chief Counsel for the AG's office, to investigator Donna Maddux.

From: Wasmann Erik
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 8:22 PM
To: Maddux Donna
Subject: Adams

Let's talk tomorrow. I have an idea about John's thought of calling Adams before the grand jury.

More on these internal emails in next week's paper.