I'm usually pretty lazy about following monthly comics, but lately I've really been enjoying The Unwritten, now on its third issue from DC's Vertigo imprint. The comics follow a young man, Tommy Taylor, who as a child served as the model for a wildly successful book series written by his father—Tommy Taylor and the Golden Trumpet, that sort of thing. After his father's mysterious disappearance, Tom makes a living working the festival circuit, signing books for fans who have a hard time understanding the difference between the real Tommy and the fictional Tommy—until it's discovered that Tommy's entire identity appears to have been falsified, and that his father may not have been his father after all. And then a vampire from the books shows up and tries to fight him, and the line starts to blur between real Tommy and fictional Tommy... It's really good, smart and entertaining in a way that evokes Brian K Vaughan's Y: The Last Man (shameless blurber that he is, Vaughan's quoted on the cover of the first issue), while also paying charming tribute to the Harry Potter franchise. The first issue might be tough to come by—it's sold out right now at Bridge City, so don't bother looking for it when you're there for Mr. Henriksen's comics-writer coming-out party tonight—but it's worth tracking down.