I got back from vacation this morning after not having looked at my laptop for nine days. The idea was to completely unplug from Portland and the paper for the first time in three years, and see what happened. As you can see, after a week, I was completely relaxed:


Okay, so it's impossible for me to relax. But I am wearing flip flops in the office this morning, in an effort to prolong the vacation feeling for at least another two hours. I'll be with you more thoroughly once I've dealt with these:


Thanks first to the person who sent me an email linking to this video saying I reminded them of the singer. I have no response, other than to wonder whether opening any of the other emails is really going to provide anything like the same fulfillment.

In the mean time, thanks to Sarah Mirk and Rachael Marcus for keeping the news section thoroughly alive in my absence. News I am just catching up with: Tom Potter supports the recall campaign (well done, Stephen Marc Beaudoin, for breaking this story!) Also, Oregon is number one in homelessness, designers are pissed that the city wants their website work for free, Dave Chappelle did something weird, Sarah went to Trimet's lost and found, holy shit, Tom Potter really is pissed at Sam Adams, people really want to save Fareless Square, the city wants to launch a bike share program with 660 bikes, John Kroger likely considered a grand jury for the mayor, and the Bureau of Labor and Industries is trying to create a "culture shift" in womens' pay. Also: Sam Adams is going to be at our big gay wedding tomorrow night. You should be, too. Simply irresistible.