The night after I saw the cult sensation The Room, I could not sleep. The movie smothered my very soul, taking over every single aspect of my daily life, until I—like most people who have witnessed this wondrous trainwreck—became a convert and couldn't stop telling all my friends about it. I imagine this is exactly what Scientology is like.

If you need a quicker primer on the movie and it's growing buzz, the Onion AV Club has all the details. All I can say is that The Room changed my life. Not sure if it changed it for the better, but it definitely stayed with me longer than most any film I can remember.

Anyway, Menomena drummer Danny Seim is hosting Portland's first screening of The Room tonight at Valentine's (10pm, free, 21+). Seim's obsession with the film's director/producer/actor Tommy Wiseau—a man whom he lovingly refers to as "a half-melted wax museum (Newport, Oregon chapter) version of Glenn Danzig"—has lead to him hosting viewing parties in his NE Portland home for months now. Tonight's screening will be a warm-up for the August 15th showing at Cinema 21. After tonight, your life will never be the same.