Three things of note. First, Willamette Week editor in chief Mark Zusman has a page and a half opinion lede called "Sign It," subtitle, "What to do When the Recall Petitioners Ask For Your Signature" in this week's issue:

Recall campaigns are nasty, brutish and short. They also tend to be awkward, divisive and unduly influenced by money.

Yet, after wrestling with this issue, we have come to see the value for Portland in such an election.

That’s why we are endorsing Jasun Wurster’s efforts to gather 32,183 signatures to put the question of recalling Mayor Sam Adams on the ballot.

Not to punish, and not out of rancor; rather, to help our city get back on track.

Read the whole thing over there. Second, former mayor Tom Potter posted this on his Facebook page earlier:
"I met a great guy the other day. His name is Jasun Wurster. He is leading the effort to recall Mayor Sam Adams. I respect his approach in keeping the campaign positive, his use of volunteer signature gatherers, and his commitment to good government. I ask anyone who lives in Portland to be a volunteer, give money to the campaign, sign the petitlon, and make a difference. Jasun can't do this by himself."

Third: Recall spokesman Jasun Wurster says he has 2,000 of his target 50,000 signatures in hand—the deadline for submission is October 5th, or 75 days. "We have over 200 volunteers right now," he says. "And we're signing up volunteers every day. And that's how we're gonna win." Wurster says 20 new volunteers signed up just yesterday. "I met a great guy on Monday, his name is Tom Potter," says Wurster, when asked about Potter's Facebook update. "I'm elated to have his support and also experience in running grassroots campaigns."

Wurster says Potter is going to help the campaign with fundraising, and by calling on his "extensive network of civic and business leaders that he has exposure to", who will "hopefully they will follow his lead and sign on to the campaign."