Have you started on your submission for HUMP! yet? NO?!? And you have no idea what I'm talking about?? Let's remedy that.
As you may have read last week in an article penned by Dan Savage, HUMP! is the northwest's premiere and funnest amateur porn contest. Started in Seattle by our sister paper The Stranger, HUMP! is a film festival featuring funny, sexy and HOT home-made porn made by people just like you. Submissions are 5 minutes or less in length, and as soon as the festival is complete the originals and master DVD is destroyed onstage—so no worries about being branded a porn star for life! (You can also use clever disguises, if you like.)
The best part? Even though you're from Portland, you're totally eligible for the $2000 grand prize, AND the cream of the crop finalists will be shown in a special, fun-filled weekend of screenings (Oct 24-25) here in PDX at Cinema 21, hosted by Dan Savage himself!
Ask anyone who's seen HUMP! in Seattle, and they'll tell you it's a wickedly filthy fun time. But you can't win if you don't enter, and the SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 21, 2009! For all the rules, regulations and more, check out the official site right here.
So don't just sit there! Grab a partner, a camera and get butt-crackin' with HUMP!*


*Not named after me.