Time was when I was the biggest Hell's Kitchen fan, like, EVER. Nothing filled me with giddy joy like Chef Gordon Ramsay dumping a plate of undercooked risotto on an inexperienced cook's chest and screaming, "DO IT AGAIN, YOU FUCKING DONKEY!!"
But then? I don't know… for some reason Chef Ramsay and I grew apart, and the repetitiveness of the show began to grow tiresome. THAT IS, UNTIL LAST NIGHT!
In the waning moments of yesterday's two-hour season premiere episode, Long Island goombah-wannabe Joseph stepped on Chef Ramsay's last nerve and WHOA NELLIE! Is there gonna be a kitchen slap fight, or what? (Seriously, I don't know. Because they're not going to show it until next week. BASTARDS!!) Anyway, insecure male posturing doesn't get much better than this!