JAW's festival weekend starts tonight at the Armory—staged readings of brand-new plays, site specific performances, a theater fair.... All of this is free and all of this is air conditioned. (I love PDX Pop Now! too, but hipsters die in hot clubs, people.)

Here's a quick roundup of the scripts that look most interesting to me (the full readings schedule can be found here):

Tonight, Marc Acito's Birds of a Feather at 4 pm, which, if PCS' writeup is to be believed, is about gay penguins. (How many gay friends do I have to have before I can make gay jokes on the blog? Just wondering.)

Tomorrow at 4 pm, Jordon Harrison's Futura—which is, yes, about fonts. This either seems impossibly awesome to you, or impossibly lame. I'm thinking awesome.

Hot poop playwright Will Eno debuts Middletown tomorrow at 8 pm.

Sunday at 8 pm, a play with the best title ever: 99 Ways to Fuck a Swan, by Kimberly Rosenstock.

The creepy, intelligent dancer company tEEth will be debuting a new work tomorrow afternoon (four performances between 1 pm and 4 pm). Other site-specific performances are promised from Fever Theater, Third Rail Rep, and Action/Adventure. And tomorrow from 1—4 pm and 6-8 pm, a theater fair will feature representatives from most of Portland's theater companies. All of this goes down at the Armory, 128 NW 11th.