“Gosh, it’s hot.” How many times have you heard that today? How about, “Hey, hot enough for ya?”

Yep. As the evening cools it will be necessary to find a place to have a beer. May I suggest something light with a lower alcohol content? Maybe something with a bit of hops brightness, but not enough to dry out your palate and make you uncomfortable? Think wheat beer. Think Pilsner. Think whatever you want, just sit down with something local.

Here are four hot weather beers I’ve enjoyed during my beer month:

Fort George Divinity is a raspberry wheat that keeps the sweetness to a minimum. An airy essence of raspberry with a nice effervescence.

Oakshire Wheat is fairly fruity but also very refreshing. Nice notes of orange.

Full Sail LTD is a lovely light summer lager with a touch of sweetness and a nice malt/hops balance. A good bright finish keeps things lively.

Cascade Lakes Blond Bombshell has a good hint of citrus, a slight bitter bite and a champagne-like mouthfeel. The malty finish keeps it grounded.

What are you drinking to beat the heat?