WHO'D YOU RATHER HAVE A BEER WITH??? Sergeant James Crowley will drink Blue Moon, the president will drink Budweiser, and Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. will drink Red Stripe or Beck’s. The three men will be discussing Gates' arrest by Crowley last week.

BLUE M&MS MEND SPINAL INJURIES!!! On the downside, the treatment causes the skin to turn blue:



PUBLIC OPTION NOW!!! Democrats cite a report showing that a national public health insurance option would not drive private insurers out of business. Meanwhile the idea's rapidly receding into what might have been.

HOUSE PASSES ANTI BIRTHER RESOLUTION!!! A resolution commemorating Hawaii's birthday happens to list the state as the birthplace of President Barack Obama. My problem with the "birther" movement (suggesting Obama was born outside the US) is that it's not targeted at people capable of rational thought, so I don't see how this latest counter-move will help.

MY BOOTY LOOKED GOOD AND YOU SHOULD SEE HOW GOOD IT LOOKS IN PERSON!!! Madonna's sexy messages to an ex boyfriend go on sale.

"PUT PORTLAND FIRST!!!" A PDC commissioner argues in the Oregonian against signing the recall petition.

TOBEY MAGUIRE REALITY TV STAR!!! The show will include his brother and mother, and is tentatively called Growing Up Maguire.

ON VACATION WITH JON HAMM!!! One. Print images. Two. Stick them on your fridge. Three. Imagine...

TABLOIDS COVER GENITAL SCALDING INCIDENT WITH GOOD TASTE!!! "I didn't know what had happened. By the time I woke up, the skin was falling off," Ojofeitimi said.

Good day.