If you liked Forecast, the Mercury's most recent spring fashion show, then the next project coming up for our crew—myself, the illustrious promoter and event planner Connie Wohn, Mercury contributor Brett Glass, and Frances May's Pamela Baker-Miller—should be on your radar:


It was born out of the fact that Connie, whose birthday is in January, always wanted to have a pool party and never did, and grew from there. We've asked a bunch of artists working in different mediums to design a swimwear look, which will be shown on a runway over the water at the Peninsula Park Pool—definite de-emphasis on functional, mind you; there's been talk of swimwear made out of paper, for instance, and even glass. Here's a partial list of the participants:

* Adam Arnold
* Dana Bruington
* Dana Dart McLean
* Fritz Mesenbrink
* Heather Treadway
* Israel Lund
* Jason Rens
* Jason Sturgil
* Jeremy Pelly
* Joanna Jackson
* Kent Richardson
* Lindsey Reif
* Oregon Painting Society
* Philip Iosca
* Rob Halverson
* Russel Short
* Sam Huffman
* Tom O'Toole/ Ada Mayer

Pam's also just put up a blog for the event, so you can check in on developments as they happen.