P4K has posted the YACHT video for "Psychic City (Voodoo City)," from their DFA debut, and just-released, See Mystery Lights album. With a drip-drip beat that sounds like it was trapped in R. Kelly's closet—with Rufus—the song is a joyful little pop number that stands on it's own, yet still fits in nicely within the context of the album. And the video? Well, it finds the duo partaking in all sorts of creepy occult and religions activities—plus there is some smooching as well. I have never seen The Da Vinci Code, but I imagine the film is exactly like this.

There are rumors of a YACHT hometown show in September, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. As always, we'll let you know.

End Hits: This video needs more shots of Tom Hanks' hair plugs.