Two interesting equine issues on Sam Adam's twitter today.

First off, he's curious what Portlanders think of PETA's demand that the city ban horse-drawn carriages after a horse pulling two newlyweds to the Crystal Ballroom collapsed and died outside the Central Library last weekend. PETA emailed out a letter to the City Council and news outlets all over town yesterday, saying Portland should ban horse-drawn carriages because, "While working in sweltering heat, horses must walk on hard pavement, inhale exhaust fumes, and dodge cars, buses, and streetcars—all of which can be terrifying to them."

Also, while the Bicycle Transportation Alliance is trying to gauge Portland cycling needs via survey, Adams tweeted agreement that we should get the city some of these:

Bike lane
  • Bike lane "zebra" dividers

They're probably cheaper than an actual separated cycletrack, at least.