I've blogged about James Trowbridge before. He's the 11-year-old reporter for TrekMovie.com, and he is my favorite writer of all time. And now he's back with a new article—one in which he asks the important question, "So has the new Star Trek made a difference with the youth of today?" On to his findings!

I was surprised to hear that most of the kids really liked the movie. This was a surprise because before the movie came out, when I talked about Star Trek, everyone would say that I was a geek or a nerd. But after the new movie came out, when I asked my friends about it, everyone started quoting sections such as the scene when Kirk and the Romulan first officer were fighting and Kirk said, “I’ve got your gun.” Most everyone thought it was the BEST SCENE EVER!!!


Almost everybody said that they liked how Star Trek (2009) had a different version of the characters, such as Kirk never joined Starfleet until later because of his father. They also liked the humor scenes such as after the fight Kirk had in the bar when Kirk told Pike “You can whistle really loud you know that?” Two of the boys who had seen the film rated it 9 out of 10 and one of them liked it so much that he gave it an 11.9 out of 10! It really felt great that my friends liked it, because before they teased me about my interest in Star Trek. It was nice to be able to talk with my friends about something I like without having to worry about being made fun of for it.

You and me both, James. You and me both.

Seriously, read the whole thing here. I give this story an 11.9 out of 10.