Here is what the playground of Vestal Elementary school on 82nd Avenue currently looks like:


Last summer Vestal teacher Chad Honl got so upset with kids spending recess on a what amounts to a grassless parking lot that he got the school to tear up one patch of pavement and plant grass. This summer, he's got some help. The anti-pavement nonprofit Depave that I profiled a couple weeks ago is heading out to Vestal this weekend to annihilate another 15,000 square feet of pavement. In the picture above, you can see volunteers cutting the pavement into squares with the help of heavy machinery — tomorrow anyone can come and attack the pavement with pickaxes.

I can tell you from personal experience that there are few things as cathartic as getting to manually demolishing a giant swath of asphalt. It's basically every eight-year-old boy's dream come true—getting let loose with a crowbar and told to attack. Plus, they'll have free snacks.

Tomorrow, Saturday August 8th! 9AM-5PM Vestal Elementary, 161 N. 82nd Avenue