Viva la Sonia! Despite racism from red Senate coots, Sonia Sotomayor is our newest Supreme Court justice!

Obama is Basically Hitler. Just in case you thought bigotry disappeared with Sotomayor's confirmation, Huffington Post provides a parade of people calling Obama a Nazi.

"Recession is Over" Update: Hooray! Unemployment is down slightly but, uh, that's just because people whose unemployment benefits have run out no longer count as "unemployed."

Bites the Dust: The leader of Pakistan's Taliban was killed Wednesday by a CIA missile strike. Pakistanis respond with cryptic statements like, "Let’s see on which side the camel sits."

Guantanamo Backpedal: Obama promised to close the infamous prison by January 2010, but caving to critics means he might miss that deadline.

$2 Billion More for New Cars: Totally disregarding my personal opinion, the Senate approves buttloads more money for Cash for Clunkers.

Wind Powers: UK workers protest Portland's new BFF Vestas wind energy company as it closes a factory, tossing dozens out of work.

UK Workers Say Vestas Blows.
  • UK Workers Say Vestas Blows.

Worse than the Twitter Crash of Aught Nine: Oregon's Medicaid computer system is basically held together with Scotch tape and a prayer.

What the Hell is a "Concept Bridge"? Whatever it is, there's some discussion over the width of bike lanes on the new Willamette light rail/bike-ped bridge.