Starting tonight, the fun tiki-loving folks at Tiki Kon are starting their boozy weekend off right with their seventh annual pub crawl, home bar crawl, hangover brunch, and puu-puu platter-y party. Sounds fun. Wish I had the scratch, but for all you richie-riches, here are the deets.

Tiki Kon
Fri Aug 7-Sun Aug 9
$75 weekend pass

From their press release:

This weekend is the seventh annual Tiki Kon, a celebration of Portland's place in the pantheon of Polynesian pop. This year we're venturing to the land of whimsical historical revisionism and putting on the Tiki Speakeasy. Tiki Kon is a celebration of cocktails, fashion, music, and drinking which draws attendees from all over the West Coast.

Tiki Kon represents Portland's unique place in the world of tiki, as we are the possessors of one of two of best tiki bars in the country, representing the old and the new-The Alibi (in the same state it has been since 1946; 4024 N Interstate) and Thatch (2733 NE Broadway), an exercise in recycling (the interior decor started out at the Kon Tiki in the '50s and has been used in several tiki bars since).

Tiki Kon also celebrates home mixology with a tour of home tiki bars.

Someone should wear this:

Drink me!
  • Drink me!