The insane nicotine headache that's been boring through my brain all day has left me unable to do much but sit in bed, scanning RSS feeds and hoping something might distract me from the pain for a few moments.

Most of the day has been a colossal failure.

Then, thanks to the increasingly worthwhile Topless Robot, I caught the trailer for Raging Phoenix, a Thai martial arts flick from the people behind Tony Jaa's celluloid badassery.

Have a look:

When did Thailand become the center of everything awesome and wonderful in our world?

Just as videogames start to catch Hollywood films for sheer adrenaline-laden, emotional punch, Thailand ramps up the potential of film violence and makes all of our precious, pixelated brawling look downright quaint by comparison. Street Fighter IV looks like Mr. Rogers on Valium next to that little girl and her Muay Thai/capoeria/drunken boxing hybridized fighting style.

While I try to drown my pain in another handful of Percocet, I'm left wondering: Why doesn't Thailand make videogames?