The best part about having a gig like "professional blogger" or "guy who shouts at people on street corners" is being able to pimp the work of your friends to an audience that literally numbers in the tens of people.

To that end I bring you Second Skin, a documentary from Pure West Films exploring the virtual relationships that spring up among the millions of online gamers the world over. It's engrossing stuff, especially if you've ever flirted with an attractive elf or made small talk while slaying a pixelated dragon.

I can promote the flick as much as I'd like, but realistically you people won't go out of your way to see something just on my word. It's not like I'm Erik Henriksen.

Luckily for me though, Second Skin is available on Hulu until August 13. Now you don't even need to leave the safety of Blogtown to watch it.