Forty-seven killed and hundreds are wounded in a suicide attack in Northern Iraq that… wait for it… destroyed an entire village.

Pet horse murder spree in Florida…the animals are being discovered tied to trees and hacked up, possibly for their meat. Shit is getting weird, ya'll.

GOP rallies their large nutbag faction to disrupt town hall meetings trying to give people information about Obama's health care plan. Shouldn't these people be trying to prove he was born in Kenya, or something?

A small plane and a sightseeing helicopter collided in mid-air on Saturday, plunging into the Hudson river.

Kate Gosselin (of Jon & Kate Plus 8) appears on the Today show and boo-hoos about how awful her life (the one she chose) is. Hey Kate… read ANY of the above stories.

After Sarah Palin accuses Obama of starting a "death panel," she's now asking for civility in the health care discussion. (Yeah, by all means, don't lump her in with those other GOP crackpots!)

GM is expected to start selling their cars on eBay this week. (And while they're at it, they might as well get rid of that old snorkeling equipment, and their complete collection of Crosby, Stills & Nash albums.)

Headline of the day: "Olivia Newton John’s presumed-dead ex boyfriend sends fax from Mexico." What? Has he never heard of Twitter? (Thank yew! Thank yew! Don't forget to tip your waitress.)

And finally, why one should never, ever friend their boss on Facebook.