The new Blitzen Trapper EP doesn't come out on Sub Pop until August 25, but you can listen to a track now, right here on End Hits and Blogtown. The EP is called Black River Killer, and the title track comes from their recent Furr album, but the other six songs have only been available as a tour-only CDR at BT's live shows. They're not throwaways, either; Eric Earley has always been a really prolific songwriter, and Blitzen Trapper's recorded output can scarcely keep pace. Black River Killer is a more than worthy follow-up to the excellent Furr.

Highlights of the EP include the Mott the Hoople-esque "Big Black Bird," the poppy "Preacher's Sister's Boy," the trippy pulsing "Black Rock," and the rollicking "Silver Moon," which you can listen to below right now.


Blitzen Trapper - "Silver Moon"

End Hits: Blitzen Trapper's "Silver Moon" not to be confused with this one, which we also really like.