Tonight marks the start of Holocene's new series entitled A Few of My Favorite Things. Put away the lederhosen, Hansel, this is not a Sound of Music-themed event, instead Holocene is handing the keys to the venue over to a local artist—Brian Mumford of Dragging an Ox Through Water is the inaugural curator—who then fills the room with whatever he/she wants.

Personally, I would fill the room with colorful plastic balls, like a giant ball pit, but Mumford has decided to class things up and schedule various music sets (Salt Orchard, Operative, and himself), retail space for local labels (Freedom to Spend, Eggy Records, Below PDX, Together Tapes, Awesome Vistas, JYRK), visual projections from Grouper's Liz Harris, and something called a "wearable sculpture procession." Plus, all the proceeds will not line Mumford's pockets, instead they will go to homeless youth program Yellow Brick Road. Everyone wins!

A Few of My Favorite Things debuts tonight at Holocene | 7:30 pm | $6 | 21+