New York Times vs. Fox News: Ye Olde NYT lays the smackdown, pointing out that false rumors about Obama's healthcare plan originated with the same media outlets that helped defeat Clinton's healthcare reform 16 years ago.

Afghani Law Allows Husbands to Deny Food to Wives: Things look grim for women's rights in Afghanistan—the president just passed legislation allowing husbands to punish wives who don't obey their sexual demands.

Judgment Day: Federal judges are more and more frequently speaking out against the death penalty.

Look, kids, Real Money!: California conjured up a budget and $10.5 billion in short-term loans so it can start trading in its IOUs for actual cash this September.

Revoke his Medals!!! Olympic goldmine Michael Phelps crashed his Cadillac Escalade into someone's Honda Accord in Baltimore.

Wind Turbine to Top Downtown Building: The Twelve West Building downtown will be home to a 45-foot-tall wind turbine.

Professor Nepotism: Gov. Kulongoski helped State Rep Larry Galizio snag a job with the Oregon University System.