A few really solid film options this weekend:

ONE. Go see The Room. If you have yet to experience the glory that is writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau's cinematic achievement, here's a taste.

Ned Lannamann has an interview with Wiseau here.

TWO. Go see District 9. My review is here, and a bit of background on the director, Neill Blomkamp, is here. This movie is abso-fucking-lutely fantastic, and I'm already looking forward to heading out to the Roseway tomorrow afternoon to see it again. (Side note: Don't look at the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly—I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it consists of a big, spoilery image from the film. Which sucks, 'cause like Moon, District 9 is a film I'd recommend walking into knowing as little about as possible. So, uh, don't click those links above unless you really, really want to.)

THREE. Go see Ponyo, the latest (and reportedly the final) film from brilliant animator Hayao Miyazaki. True, Ponyo isn't as good as some of Miyazaki's previous films, but I'm also pretty sure that whatever Miyazaki drunkenly scrawls on cocktail napkins is far more beautiful and engaging than 90 percent of cinema. So while it's no Spirited Away or Princess Monoke, Ponyo's still excellent.

FOUR: You have some crappier options, too: There's the syrupy time-traveling film The Time Traveler's Wife. There's The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, which stars that one dude from Entourage that everybody loves to talk about even though nobody watches Entourage. There's also the music doc Soul Power, and the mixed-but-enjoyable mockumentary about a has-been Japanese superhero, Big Man Japan.

Those are the big ones. More, as always, in our Film Shorts, and Movie Times can be found here.