Last week we reported that Hollywood Star reporter Lee Perlman was arrested on charges of criminal mischief in the third degree for scrawling in pen across the petitions of Recall Sam Adams signature gatherers outside Albina Community Bank. Turns out Perlman is off the hook—as first rumored on Jack Bog's blog, the District Attorney will not press charges against Perlman.

Deputy District Attorney Adam Gibbs explains that to prosecute someone for criminal mischief, they must have caused "substantial inconvenience" to personal property. Gibbs spoke with the city elections office last week and determined that all eight of the signatures Perlman attempted to deface were actually still legible and valid. Because there was no actual damage done, says Gibbs, "We couldn't prove any substantial inconvenience to the property owner." If he had been convicted of criminal mischief, Perlman could have spent 30 days in jail and paid a $1000 fine. He was released on bail his own recognizance last week.


Perlman declined to comment on how he feels as a newly-freed man. Info about the Lee Perlman Legal Defense Fund y'all donated to is forthcoming.