I'm mentioning this in part to level the playing field after posting about boner-accommodating Speedos for men. Now, some German (I'm guessing dude) has invented the dissolving bikini, which appears like a normal, nondescript bikini until its seams fall apart on you seconds after you hit the water. Aside from the obvious concerns this generates, like consumer wastefulness and clogged pool drains, the existence of this garment should set you at the wary for its potential role in devious pranks. I'm hard pressed to think of a situation in which I would accept, much less wear, a bikini from enemy provenance, especially now that I know about this, but at least one feminist has declared that "it is an absolute insult to women that this has been invented." Mmm, yeah, I wouldn't quite go that far, but you know, look out! Conversely the ladies testing the "Get Naked" bikini seem like they're having a gay old time (NSFW, BTW).