Caprial and John
  • Caprial and John

Portland Food and Drink reported that the plucky Caprial and John have closed their kitchen. The cooking couple could commonly be seen weekends on PBS politely bickering over recipes. The restaurant had fallen off the radar in recent years and according to an article in the Oregonian, Caprial’s filed for bankruptcy in 2006.

Bittersweet still needs you. A collection agency is seeking payment for immense medical expenses after the prolonged hospitalization and death of Farmer Bill Gibson of Bittersweet Farms. Portland Farmers Market is asking that you stop by the Bittersweet booth while shopping this week and pick up some produce to help the farm stay afloat. There is also a benefit planned for this Saturday at the Organics to You warehouse [606 SE Madision]. More details on the event as they are received.

Chef David Siegel of Belly Timber, featured in this week's cover story about the Sellwood Garden Club, has teamed up with popular Hawthorne food cart Whiffies to create a signature pie. Siegel is responsible for the filling (possibly even containing vegetables from Sellwood Garden Club) and Whiffies is responsible for the pastry and frying. Pies are being sold tonight until they are gone. It’s an awesome idea, and I hope to see more signature pies in the future.

If you are bringing your non-service dog into Oregon supermarkets, the State Department of Agriculture would like you to knock it off. Next month the state plans a public education blitz with the hopes of keeping pooches out of the produce aisle (and any other aisle for that matter). Talking to the AP, one state official claims that the biggest problem spots are in the Pearl, where people evidently feel entitled to take their dogs everywhere.

Finally, New York police cite a ten-year-old for selling lemonade in a city park. They hit her with a $50 fine as well. That’ll teach her. In other news, I’m now willing to buy a $50 glass of lemonade from a fugitive ten-year-old. How about you?