Calling all Blogtown Junior Crime Stoppers! Have you seen this sign?


Our good friends over at Bitch magazine had their awesome sign (which was donated, by the way) stolen off their Alberta storefront last night. From their blog post appropriately entitled, "Is That a Bitch Sign in Your Pocket or Are You Just a Giant A-Hole?":

Red alert, readers! Lock up your signs because there is a thief on the loose! If you see this sign floating around NE Alberta Street (or in some jerkwad's apartment somewhere) please bring it back to us! Our sign was a donation from Ferrousity and we really feel it tied the whole office together.

And to the major A-hole(s) who decided it was cool to take this sign in the first place: Congratulations! We hope your friends are impressed by your feats of thievery. You should feel especially proud of yourself since we are a nonprofit organization, which means that money for a new sign will have to come out of funds that would have gone toward hosting community events, publishing our print magazine, and obtaining books for our free lending library. So, you know, way to go on the whole stealing thing.

So if you see this sign (or want to offer an anonymous tip regarding its whereabouts), email our nice, sign-less friends at Bitch. And remember! There's a special place in hell for people who steal from well-written non-profit feminist quarterlies (and blogs)!