It's going to be HOT today, and meteorologist Dave Sweeney is not helping matters in the least by wearing a "Got Milk?" T-shirt.

Wednesday, August 19 weather forecast

95 killed and at least 563 wounded
in a series of attacks across Baghdad. U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill sums it up best: "The whole thing is just so disgusting. They're just psychopathic."

Speaking of fundamentalist Islamic psychopathic behavior: A woman in Malaysia is sentenced to caning for drinking a beer.

Don Hewitt, the creator of 60 Minutes, is dead at the age of 86.

"Prince of Darkness"/conservative commentator Robert Novak also dead at the age of 78.

Cry-baby Republicans have successfully cut themselves out of the discussion, leaving Democrats to rework the health care bill all on their own.

Speaking of which, anti-health care nutbags return to scream and yell at a Massachusetts town hall—but this time, Rep. Barney Frank was on hand to administer an ass-whuppin'! Check it out! It's priceless!