When Just Out's arts and culture editor Jaymee Cuti and news editor Jimmy Radosta walked out of the paper last March claiming they had been paid only sporadically for six months, the publisher of Portland's only LGBT newspaper announced the pair would be easy to replace— Just Out chief Marty Davis said she had 23 resumes sitting on her desk a week after the walk out. But now the replacement editor Davis hired has left is apparently considering leaving the paper, too, after only a few months. This time around, Just Out posted on Craigslist for a new editor.

"This editor will make all assignments and work closely with one part-time staff writer and a host of Portland's finest free-lance writers," reads the posting, which says current news/arts editor Amanda Schurr will likely leave the paper due to family illness.

Schurr's departure certainly isn't wouldn't be good news for a paper which has had trouble keeping editors on staff. Despite Just Out's citation of family illness as the cause for Schurr's goodbye, former editors' complaints about late payment and a hostile work environment will certainly cause some speculation around reasons for her departure.

Update 2:20PM: Davis directed an email requesting comment along to Schurr who replied, "This has not been finalized and no decisions made. I have no other comment at this time."

Update 3:05PM: Schurr clarified via email that this likely departure is a strictly personal issue, "This is a Plan B. This is a non-issue, a non-event and something still in progress. Marty Davis has lived up to every one of her promises concerning my employment with Just Out and whatever happens has absolutely nothing to do with prior headlines."