Bonobo Chimps Like to Have Sex


Maybe they should call it the Missionary Theater. Ahem.
Once saw a doc about Bonobos and Chimps. National Geographic or Nova or something. Don't remember.

Anyway, was interesting to see the differences between the two species, especially conflict resolution: where two chimps might resort to violence, the bonobos got it on.

Meaning they had sex.

With each other.

"Apes" may not even be correct. They are more genetically similar to humans than they are to the other "great apes", gorillas and orangutans.
I've never met another "human" who has sex to resolve disputes. If that shit is normal please tell my wife.
I think a lot of human primates resolve disputes through sexual endeavors, but not all. Many a time when a female is scornfully rebuked by her partner, sometimes she will gleefully try to seduce her mate back into his good graces by gentle kisses, or by sexual intimacy. I see no differences with the Bonobo.

While the Bonobo may be chimp-like, they certainly emulate human activity very well. The recent disclosure of the primate/sub-human Ardipithcus, certainly a bi-pedal evolutionary model, seems to gravitate towards a more Bonobo-like posture. The hip flanges of Ardi, make the bi-pedalism of his kind, an evolutionary exclamation. With the Bonobo, does these human-like qualities exist?

I wonder how the Chimpanzee and Bonobo would co-exist in a closed environment? Would the Chimp catch on? Would the Chimp start walking upright, carrying sticks? Or, would the two breeds brawl? It would be an interesting observation.