There's, like, three solid reasons to attend the annual Penny Arcade Expo.

First, there's all the videogames. That one's a no-brainer.

Second, it's your best chance to find out if that hot Night Elf chick you've been flirting with all these months actually has lady parts.

Third, Anamanaguchi.

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  • Anamanaguchi at PAX 2008

If you aren't making the trip up to Seattle on September 4th, that third reason is coming to you. More specifically, before heading up to PAX 2009, Anamanaguchi is playing two shows at Ground Kontrol.

Full details from the official press release:

Anamanaguchi are a band from NYC who make "loud, fast music with a hacked NES from 1985." They played at Penny Arcade Expo to thousands in 2008, and will be playing there again this year. This is their first full US tour, and their first Portland show, and we're really excited to have them!

The genre of music Anamanaguchi are most often associated with is chiptune, which applies to a wide variety of music made with specially hacked old-school console hardware & software (usually an NES and/or Game Boy.) Anamanaguchi also use live guitars and drums to create a crazy punk-rock version of chiptune.

Operation Mission (Ray Rude from The Builders & The Butchers) and Plain Flavored (an 18-year-old high school kid named Adam Shackart) will open the show. Both are chiptune artists with very different styles — Operation Mission has more of a progressive sound, like 70s/80s sci-fi synth soundtracks. Plain Flavored is more hyperactive, like an old computer game running on modern hardware.

all-ages matinee
all-ages, $3 cover

with Operation Mission and Plain Flavored
21+, $5 cover

Want more info on the band without having to try to pronounce "Anamanaguchi?" Here's a link to the band's website and a sample from their performance at PAX 2008.