As several readers correctly pointed out yesterday, the Mercury’s got a new byline. So I suppose I should introduce myself.


My name is Sean Breslin. In 2003, I abandoned my dreams of being a rock legend in favor of a more stable career. But instead of staying near my New Jersey home and majoring in accounting, I moved out West to attend the University of Montana School of Journalism, a decision that would lead to more uncertainty than wondering whether CBGB would close before our next gig (we played two—there weren’t a lot of people). After dragging my feet through school, I finally graduated this past May and moved to Portland to start a news internship here at the Mercury.

Until now, all of my work has been for traditional daily news sources, whether editing the Montana Kaimin—the school newspaper at the University of Montana, or serving as an intern for the Missoulian in Missoula, or the Times-News in Twin Falls, Idaho. I’ve covered everything from university building plans to presidential stump speeches to a tragic house fire. I even covered Evel Knievel’s funeral for the Agence France-Presse. Matthew McConaughey was there.

I’m happy to have done all that, but it’s been pretty straightforward: this is what happened, here’s what he said and here’s how she rebutted. Furthermore, I don’t think many daily newspapers have been taking the chances they need to in order to survive, and I don’t want to get roped into bailing out the ship with a sippy cup... but it depends on what you're paying.

I came to the Mercury because I wanted to do something a bit different. The Merc doesn’t cling to a façade of objectivity. Its online readership is huge and growing. It’s expanded its news coverage online, not carbon-copied the print edition onto the Web. And most importantly, it’s fun to read.

I hope my posts on Blogtown can spark some discussion. I know how rough the Internet can be, but I want to know what you think is important. Thanks for welcoming me. If you think there's something that deserves attention, shoot me an email .