Firestorm: At least 80-90 people, including some civilians, were killed when NATO bombed Afghanistan this morning.
.... meanwhile, Obama's advisers are split on how much force we should have in Afghanistan at all.

Tweet This RIGHT NOW: Seattle opens a detox clinic for internet addicts. Ask yourself: "Are you experiencing chronic exhaustion due to lack of sleep, weight gain from lack of exercise, poor general health from poor nutrition, or other physical health problem due to excessive internet use?" Um....

Firefighters are the New Public Option: Who needs healthcare when you've got burly firefighters on call?


Tearful Goodbye: American Apparel chief sheds a tear while firing 1,500 undocumented workers.

I Knew This Was Going to Happen: Ben and Jerry's makes same sex marriage ice cream.

Meth-addled Cockfighter on the Loose! In your local area.

Seen a Dented Toyota Corolla? Police are paying $1000 for tips about last week's fatal bike hit-and-run.

Sam Adams Wins a Dancin' Bare Shirt! From us, for his birthday. Thanxxx to commentor "i know, i know" for the pro-local business gift idea.