I have nothing to say about the opening of TBA last night, or Gang Gang Dance, because last night the halls of Washington High school turned into some circle of hell—whichever one is the fashionable one—and I couldn't hang. Also, I think I might have developed an eating disorder, and I'm starting to question my sexuality.*

What thoughts I have are logistical.

Crowds: Will calm down once people have to pay for admission, and PICA will become better at managing them.

Food: Food cartage by Los Gorditos through Monday, then Koi Fusion, Ziba's Pitas, and Pirate Dog in rotation, according to PICA. There's a vending machine with snacks, but be sensible about food. Or consult our sensible list!

Co-ed bathrooms: As a friend pointed out, "no one is ever going to poop at TBA."

Focus: There are some video installations on the main floor that were open last night. I'm not sure if they'll be running every night, but even if they are, don't even try. There's too much going on and too many scattered attention spans—everything seems ridiculous when you're surrounded by sweaty drunk people. Absolutely DO stop by Washington High school at some point (entrance is free from noon-6:30 pm daily) to check out the video art and installations.

Bonus!: Watching a security guard kick out drunk teenagers.

Tonight at the Works, video artist Janet Pants, the always-fun Explode into Colors, and, with shows tonight from Young Jean Lee, Miguel Gutierrez, and Meg Stuart, hopefully we'll all have something to talk about. And tune in to our TBA blog later tonight for some actual reviews of the actual art.

*high school joke. GET USED TO THEM.