De La Soul is just the tip of the iceberg in tonights live music options.
  • De La Soul is just the tip of the iceberg in tonight's live music options.

My, oh my, there is a lot of good music to see tonight. Not only is De La Soul doing up the Roseland (8 NW 6th), but you've got the Casualties playing at Satyricon (125 NW 6th), Explode into Colors performing at TBA's The Works (531 SE 14th), Starfucker doing two shows at the Doug Fir (830 E Burnside), and Norwegian disco king Prins Thomas pumping out beats at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison). Like this one:


Jape - "Floating" (Prins Thomas remix)

We wish your showgoing decision-making options were limited to that. They aren't. And it's not going to be easy to make a choice.

In the Pearl-Snap-Shirt corner: Sera Cahoone. Former drummer for Carissa's Wierd and Band of Horses, Cahoone struck out on her own with muted, gently swept alt-country and ended up as one of Seattle's best singer/songwriters. Tonight she plays the comfy Mission Theater (1624 NW Glisan), which might be the ideal place to see her, as evidenced by her opening set when she opened for Fruit Bats there back in February.


Sera Cahoone - "Happy When I'm Gone"

In the Spazzy-Kids-Who-Grew-Up-and-Started-Making-Awesome-Music corner: Junkface. Those who've witnessed the abbreviated freakouts of their live show (which sometimes border on violence and always end in a mess) might be surprised by the coherence of the songs on Junkface's long-overdue first full-length, celebrating its release tonight at Berbati's (10 SW 3rd). It's a damn fine pop record, with no gimmicks or tantrums or anything under than pure indelible tune. They're also sharing the bill with three very fine local bands: World's Greatest Ghosts, Church, and Teeath. You can't go wrong anywhere in that lineup.

LISTEN to two really good new songs ("Long Emergency" and "Foxy") on Junkface's MySpace page.

In the Spazzy-Kids-Who-NEVER-Grew-Up-and-Still-Made-Awesome-Music corner: Mannequin Men. Transcending its crummy title and jawdroppingly awful album cover (NSFW, click with caution), Mannequin Men's Use Your Illusion, Too is further proof of the damn good fun of this band's music. If you have had a crappy week and just want to down the better part of a dozen cans of cheap beer and blow off a bunch of steam, you'd best head to the East End (203 SE Grand) tonight. Here's a song with the absolute worst come-on ever: "Do you want a massage?" they ask, snottily and leeringly. Yet, after listening to this song, I bet you let them give you one.


Mannequin Man - "Massage"

I love all these bands. Who are you going to see?