Today sees the release of The Beatles: Rock Band, and to celebrate, Ground Kontrol (511 NW Couch St.) is hosting a special edition of Rock Band Tuesday devoted entirely to the only rhythm game more popular than Jesus.

Succinct official details, courtesy Ground Kontrol co-owner Anthony Ramos:

Don't wait in a midnight release line to buy Beatles:Rock Band, play it at Ground Kontrol's Rock Band Tuesdays!

Beatlemania begins at 8PM.

As usual there's no cover, so show your appreciation by getting piss drunk on GK's booze selection. It's what Paul would do (if he wasn't dead).

Update: I just got word back on some questions I sent Mr. Ramos last night following the announcement he sent me. First, yeah, Ground Kontrol managed to score an early copy of TB:RB. Specifically, Ramos says "I personally requested it from Harmonix's community manager at PAX. He offered to give me one of the retail copies they were using to run the booths."

If you're a fan of Rock Band Tuesday but aren't so hot on The Beatles, be assured that GK isn't permanently turning the weekly event into a Beatles-centric gig. It seems GK will now have both The Beatles game and Rock Band 2 on hand for your faux rocking convenience.

Says Ramos: "We'll run a dual XBox setup for instant per-song switching. Guitar Hero 5 will be in the mix, too. The dual system setup is permanent. We may organize song requests into small game-specific blocks to minimize instrument wrangling, however."