President Obama will be giving his health care reform speech to congress tonight. Let's hope he remembers to mention health care.

Sarah Palin to world: "Death panels are real! Death panels are real! Does this skirt make my ass look fat?"

Getting nervous that you may never get health care? Here's why the plan is on track and reform is gonna happen.

A captured New York Times reporter is freed from Afghan kidnappers—though his interpreter wasn't so lucky.

Former congressman Mark Foley, busted for sending dirty texts and emails to young male interns, is getting his own radio show… perhaps on Radio Disney?

The Beatles: Rock Band video game is being released today, giving your mom a brand new way of really embarrassing herself (and don't forget, YOU)!

Before announcing their newest products, Apple slashes prices on its entire iPod line (from $20 to $120). Buy one for your mom and load it up with the entire Melissa Manchester discography.

And finally, HAPPY 09/09/09 DAY, YOU GUYS! Let's celebrate with Hitler.