This guy is calling you out.
  • This guy is calling you out.

President Obama tried to reign in an increasingly raucous debate on health care last night. Tough crowd.

Drug addict + religious fanaticism + weird fascination with the number 9 = A hijacked plane in Mexico. No passengers or crew were harmed.

American ambassador: Iran could maybe build a bomb. If it hurried. But it's risky.

Apple adds a radio to the iPod Nano! Just like a Walkman!

Obama nominee opposes cruelty to animals. Which means he's trying to take away Glenn Beck's guns, of course.

California's getting steamy: a state lawmaker resigned after a microphone in a hearing room picked up the man's bragging about spanking his lady friend.

And finally, American Idol names Ellen Degeneres as a new judge! Everybody clap!