Today is 9/11. Eight years later, New York City is not abandoned, it turns out the FBI had intelligence that could have prevented the attacks and it looks like the 9/11 Truth site is down?! Sabotage from the highest levels!!


Typical! Obama okays White House farmers' market.

Shit fer Fuel: Bellingham tries turning cow manure into bus fuel.

Brits Finally Apologize To Gay Code-Breaker: The British government admits it acted inhumanely toward a soldier who was gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal.

Maybe a Good Sign? Against all odds, Iran is set to allow its first transsexual marriage.

Trouble in Michigan: An anti-abortion protester is shot outside a high school.

What's in a Filet-o-Fish? The New York Times solves the age-old question.

Illegal Tows: A PDX tow truck operator known for towing cars parked at their own houses apparently went too far.

Green Line Opens Saturday! Free rides to Clackamas Town Center and back all day long. I got a sneak peak in July.