The AP, New York Times and TMZ are reporting that actor Patrick Swayze has died. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Patrick fought bravely for 20 months before passing away today peacefully at age 57. The star of Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Point Break and one of my favorite movies of all time, Roadhouse, I fucking loved this guy, people. Take a moment and tip your hat to one of the greats.

UPDATE: Erik, another big Swayze fan has this one to add. What are your favorites?

UPDATE! Oh, jeez… somehow I almost forgot about my second fave Swayze flick of all time, RED DAWN! Wolveriiiiiiiines!!

The sexy side of Swayze after the jump.


No argument there.
  • No argument there.


Swayze Chippendale Centaur Tattoo. Yessssss.
  • Swayze Chippendale Centaur Tattoo. Yessssss.