As we learn to live in a world without Swayze, many of us, as we mourn, will think of his finest performances—who could forget Swayze's roles in films like Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Point Break, Roadhouse, Red Dawn, and Donnie Darko?

No one could forget. No one.

But one Swayze film that's often unjustly overlooked is 1998's Black Dog, which is right up there next to Point Break in my list of favorite Swayze flicks. In Black Dog, Swayze plays "Jack Crews," an ex-con/trucker who takes on one last job... and gets more than he bargained for.

Black Dog costars Meat Loaf, Randy Travis, and a ghost dog that haunts truckers, and you should probably watch it tonight after you pour one out for the Swayz.