Hey man, what are you doing tomorrow?

NO! WRONG! You're riding your bike down to Fred Meyer's or GameStop or Game Crazy or Best Buy or Fry's or Wal*Mart or wherever and you're buying a copy of Scribblenauts!

Dinosaurs And Worried Zombies
  • WB Interactive Entertainment
  • Dinosaurs And Worried Zombies

I know I haven't been pimping this DS game like I should have been, but I wasn't that incredibly excited about it until a few hours ago when the collective Internet piracy hivemind posted the game's entire vocabulary to the 'net, and I witnessed the true scope of a 22,802 word dictionary.

Why does a game need a vocabulary? Because Scribblenauts operates on the premise that words are magical. Not the bullshit, LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow kind of magical, but, like, actually magical.

If you come across a tough puzzle in Scribblenauts you simply imagine something awesome, type it into the game, and poof, you've destroyed the universe with your very own Large Hadron Collider.

There is nothing not awesome about that last sentence, and the game's precious crayons-meet-watercolor aesthetics only make summoning cyborg Abe Lincoln that much more entertaining.

Expect a long, gushing review later this week.