It's Turkish Cinema Tuesday! If there's ever been a good argument for the abolition of copyright, the award goes to the Turks. Long before any arguments about digital sharing, long before Creative Commons was even a glimmer in Lawrence Lessig's eye, long before Abrams shoved Star Trek into the 21st century, the Turks were taking our bland American films and making them better.

Many of you are familiar with Turkish Star Wars, but there exists a plethora of other fabulous Turkish "reboots" of popular American tales. (You can rent a lot of them in the back room at Movie Madness, along the back wall in the cult section, bottom left, last time I was there.)

Anyway, this film has a real lesson for you. Don't fuck with Badi, or even dare to threaten him with a slap, because he will alien-fart on you and then go through all your porn. And, really, the last thing you want is a hobbit-sized extra-terrestrial who looks like a Ferengi-Calamari love-child grunting and pawing through your stash of 70's pube stroke books. At least, I hope that's the last thing you want.