Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus trots out his health care reform plan that meets many of the President's requirements and costs less. Hence? Democrats and Republicans don't like it.

The Facebook user base is now nearly as large as the population of the United States. But don't worry! It won't hurt my feelings in the least if you guys decide to secede.

The House of Representatives have officially admonished Rep.. Joe Wilson for yelling "YOU LIE!" during President Obama's speech. Unsurprisingly, Wilson cries like a goddamn baby.

Former President Jimmy Carter once again calls it like he sees it, in so many words calling Rep.. Joe Wilson a racist cracker.

In response to President Carter's assertion, the GOP unsurprisingly cries like a goddamn baby.

Kanye West calls Taylor Swift to apologize once again for interrupting her at the VMAs—but this time? HE SAYS HE ACTUALLY MEANS IT.

WWE CEO Linda McMahon resigns her post as pro wrestling czar to run for a Republican seat in the Senate. That's what the GOP needs—another respectable Republican.

And finally, other people have their own 9/11, too. Like these Storm Troopers mourning the Death Star. NEVER FORGET!!